Sanchit Dayal

GMAT 770

Gowri Kannan

GMAT 750

Celestine Joseph

GMAT 740

Shweta Ma'am was not just a GMAT coach. She was my secret weapon. Her meticulously structured prep plan kept me focused and on track, while her constant support and encouragement were invaluable during the toughest moments. I wouldn't have cracked the GMAT withouth her expertise and unwavering belief in me made all the difference.

Sushant Sudheendranath
GMAT 790

I worked with Catamount Labs for improving my scores for Verbal section of GMAT. While my formal classroom sessions lasted for just over 3 months. I received support from them throughout the subsequent months till I officially gave my GMAT. I was provided access to world-class prep/theory material & mock-testing resources throughout my time working with Catamount Labs.

Aniket Saha
GMAT 750

I had been taking coaching for verbal from Catamount Labs. So initially I found verbal quite difficult but Shweta Ma'am made it really easily with all the rules and frame work she provided to us for all the different kinds of questions. If you are a working professional this would work amazingly well for you as it did for me because ma'am is very flexible with timing.

Sanchit Dayal
GMAT 770

| took Shweta’s help for GMAT English. She is a great teacher with an extremely structured style of covering the coursework.
At the same time, she is very approachable and is willing to spend any amount of time to ensure one is comfortable. | was working while taking her course, Shweta was very gracious to be flexible to suit my work schedule.

Sahebjeet Singh Arora
GMAT 760

To crack any exam, we do not have to be subject matter experts. We just need to learn the rules of the game and find a way to hack it. That is exactly what Shweta ma’am teaches, ways to hack the GMAT verbal section.
Shweta ma’am will equip you with the right set of tools that will help you dramatically boost your score and game the GMAT.

Abhiijeet Khanna
GMAT 720

The course with Shweta started with clear expectations. Her teaching technique is pretty spot on. She would ensure that a concept is absorbed well and would be waiting till it happens. She has ample material to throw tough to toughest questions at you. I loved her teaching style. I would definitely recommend her to all looking for the right method to crack the GMAT.

Saurabh Pitkar
GMAT 750

Shweta is a wonderful teacher and a deeply empathetic mentor! Her contribution to improving my score was not just in technical strategies but also in helping me set my mind and body to the pressures of the test. What this says about her is that she has great insight about GMAT and can help you see through things that you were missing. The best way is to start your prep with her directly. But if someone has already taken the exam and wants to improve, she can help you evaluate your performance in a meaningful way because she can tell you patterns that are sometimes counter-intuitive. She understands the psyche of the test and scoring systems deeply and that really helps in augmenting one's prep strategy. Anyone on the edge about whether to invest your time and effort with a mentor, I can assure you that Shweta will add value to your journey irrespective of whether you end up improving your score or not. For me, her approach was a total game changer and I was able to improve. But she also helped me find a consultant last moment and gave me the right perspective about b-school applications. Lastly, I believe that GMAT journey is full of insecurities and every new piece of information confuses you. There are test prep centers and folks who really try to capitalize on these insecurities and that reflects in their marketing strategies. But with Shweta, I found a teacher who has created a community of students with kindness and consideration. I truly value that and hope teachers like her thrive :).

Devanshu Dhawan
GMAT 740

GMAT is not just an exam of skill but a test of persistence and motivation. Shweta is there with you to help you master all three aspects. Shweta comes with a huge experience in this field and understands every aspect of the GMAT exam to the very core. After making multiple attempts at the GMAT and still not being able to get my desired score, I was really struggling to figure out the pitfalls. Shweta helped me analyze my mistakes and suggested measures to resolve it.

GMAT is not just an exam of skill but a test of persistence and motivation. ShwetaThere were moments when I was about to give up on GMAT, but Shweta didn't give up on me. Also, she has a great team, which makes sure that you are not alone in this journey. Her entire team was there with me in my struggles.
In my eighth attempt, I got my desired score.Had Shweta not been there with me, I would not have made this far. Thanks to Shweta and her amazing team.

Pushkar Prasun
GMAT 710

Catamount Labs provided me with the support and approach I was looking for to ace my GMAT journey. After trying for several months and another coaching institute, I came across Catamount by sheer luck and am so happy that I did. Shweta ma'am provided me with a new sense of approach in the Verbal section of the GMAT exam, a section in which I was quite stuck and was not able to get anywhere my desired score. Her methods make complete sense and you will witness an improvement rather quickly. Shweta is an essential part, but her entire team as well provided me with all the necessary support and knowledge in a timely and structured manner. The whole package that Catamount provides is something that a GMAT aspirant desires, and if you are one of them who is still wondering where to go, what to choose, etc., think no further. Just sign up, the best decision you will make in the year. All the best to Shweta ma'am and her team, I hope you guys help more and more students to ace the exam.

Amit Dogra
GMAT 750

Shweta was my verbal coach for GMAT, and I highly recommend anyone to reach out to Shweta if they want to approach the verbal section of the GMAT in a structured manner. Yes, there are umpteen courses in the market, and having taken a bunch, I can testify that working with Shweta on the GMAT strategy has been the most beneficial for me. She and the Catamount team were always available to help me understand my mistakes, and create a tailor-made study plan. Further, the cohort studying helped me maintain consistency in my studying which is something most people struggle with.

Sanjana Gupta
GRE 328

Initially, I believed verbal preparation for GMAT didn't require a structured approach, so I relied on various scattered online resources. Fortunately, meeting Shweta ma'am transformed my perspective. She not only provided a solid structure for my verbal section preparation but also offered invaluable support & encouragement throughout this challenging journey. Shweta ma'am has been an exceptional mentor, & I am grateful for her guidance during my MBA journey.

Ria Jindal
GMAT 740

Thanks to Shweta's help I got a 740 on gmat. Beyond Shweta's well-thought-out pedagogy, she will leave you in awe with her commitment and dedication to ensure you reach your potential.
She is very passionate about her work and has become a wonderful mentor to me.
Having Shweta as your teacher is like having your own personal cheerleader.
I wish you the best Shweta. I'm sure you'll continue to inspire your students and help them achieve their dreams.

Maria Thomas
GMAT 740

Can't thank you enough maam for your help and support throught the process !

Shubham Rajgaria
GMAT 760

Thank you so much these kind words and for your unwavering support ma'am. You'hve been a pillar of strength for me and for so many others throughout this process.
The guidance from you and Dheeraj Sir was unparelled, and that alone helped me bring about this difference in a month.

Thank you for always looking out for your students till the last mile :)

Pallavi Agarwaal
GMAT 730

I had a good experience with Catamount labs. I had a decent GMAT score but felt that it could be improved. Therefore, I joined their verbal cohort. Shweta really understands the GMAT exam very well and consequently through her verbal classes and other sessions I filled gaps in my knowledge and approach towards the exam which was very useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Shweta’s verbal classes. My only advice would be to take them as soon as you gain clarity on appearing for the GMAT.

Nishant Chaudhary
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