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How to Score 750+ on GMAT in 12 weeks without going through too much study material?

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The litte known secret to GMAT is that it works like an algorithm and Shweta has cracked the code to ace it. Don't you want to know the hacks?

Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of too much information/material, multiple attempts, multiple coaching, lack of personal attention and lack of score improvements?

I know exactly how you feel.

If you have been struggling on your own with mountains of study material, you are probably in a worse situation. I absolutely feel and hear your pain. Most of my students approach me to get out of exactly this cycle.

Together, we create success stories.

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There is a secret sauce to acing GMAT and Shweta has the recipe.

  • Our small batches
  • Individual doubt-clearing time
  • Individual customised prep planning
  • Classes timed to suit working people
  • Target study material ensure that you can convert the theory into scores.

GMAT is a psychometric test that plays with your mind. No one else has delved into the importance of mind management to ace the GMAT.

More than 40% of our students have Scored 700+ on the GMAT.

Expertise in helping those who need the most help.


Student 1: Had made 5 unsuccessful attempts on his own. After the course, he scored 750 and got offers from HBS, Columbia and Wharton.

Student 2: Had scored 640 before coming to me. She saw an improvement of 70 points within 6 weeks and got through Wharton.

Student 3: Was working under great time constraints. Spent 8 weeks with me and scored 760. He made it to HBS.

We'll keep working with you till you reach your target score.

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Secret Sauce to Ace GMAT

Small batches

There is ample individual attention in class; Presence of a group keeps the competitive pressure alive

Individual doubt-clearing time

You can book an individual doubt-clearing slot as per your convenience

Classes timed to suit working people

Classes timed to suit working people-early morning and late evening batches to suit your busy schedule

On target study material zero wastage of time

You read only what you strictly need to read to ace GMAT. We cut through the clutter of excess and often bad quality information available around us.

Mind management

Professional therapists and psychologists on board help you beat the stress; We play the game - we do not allow GMAT to play with our minds

Learn from the best

Experience the magic in a classroom (yes, even in an online classroom!); you deserve to experience great teaching.

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Shweta Gurnani Singh

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  • 20+ years of experience.
  • Trained in the Sociology of Education
  • Created training modules for test-prep companies across the industry
  • Trained hundreds of trainers in the test-prep industry
  • Worked with 500+ engineering and MBA colleges across India in delivering e-learning modules
  • Awarded - Best Performer of the Year by one of the top GMAT prep-institutes of India
  • Awarded the - Sarvapalli Radhakrishna Award for contribution to pedagogy by one of the largest test-prep companies of India
  • Awarded Top Performer Award by a Pearson group company for delivering e-learning modules to engineering and MBA colleges across India

Success Stories of Students

Universities pay Shweta several lacs to do live sessions for them.

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An individual course with Shweta costs ₹ 1.5 lacs.

Here is your chance to get the top invaluable insights
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Learn the invaluable top secrets to acing GMAT that no one else will tell you.

Learn in 40 minutes what you will not learn even after months of research.

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We can guarantee that you will never regret the time you invest in this webinar.

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